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Exeqtime Systems, LLC - Employee Time Management and Time Recording Solutions is a leading provider of business applications that helps small and mid-sized companies become more agile in today's rapid evolving technology. With a wide variety of software and hardware products from the most renown manufactures, we offer solutions to a wide range of human resource issues related to Payroll, Employee Scheduling, Job Tracking, Job Costing, Labor Allocation, Benefit Distribution, Access Control, Security, and more. Our products are designed to meet the needs of small to enterprise sized companies across a wide variety of industries, offering total solutions, from PC Clock Entry to a 100% Web-based Time & Labor Management. We are trained and knowledgeable technicians and provide support on the products we sell.
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Workforce Management

Time & Labor

Let Exeqtime Systems Time & Labor solutions take over the time consuming tasks of payroll preparation and time card calculation, so you can spend more time developing your business. Automatic interfaces for many of the major payroll services are included with the software to completely eliminate the task of re-keying data.

Time & Labor Management Systems can be deployed as desktop, enterprise, or web-based systems. Employee time tracking software automates the error-prone processes related to time and attendance. These systems enable you to apply complex time and attendance pay policies with extreme accuracy, and provide managers with the tools to control costs and improve productivity.

Attendance Management

Exeqtime’s absence management provides a single comprehensive view into the many types of employee absence, from vacations to tardiness. Absence management gives you complete visibility into absence trends and patterns, help you staff, avoid holes in coverage and give you invaluable information for the employee review process.

Benefit Administration

Benefit Administration allows you to track and manage all types of leave, all in one place, automatically. It streamlines the entire leave management process, from accrual calculations, leave request processing, to granting, and provides visibility into trends and patterns that can point to and help reduce the abuse of leave benefits. Benefit Administration helps you maintain compliance with FMLA and other federal, state, and union mandates. It provides automated supervision and tracking of paid and unpaid leave policies. You can identify absence trends, manage them proactively, and make better decisions regarding employee planning, coverage, and reviews.

Occurrence Tracking

Occurrence Tracking automates the tedious process of tracking employee attendance infractions and issuing notices. Great for employee reviews and taking disciplinary action, the Occurrence Tracking maintains an occurrence history of all employee attendance infractions such as tardy, long lunch, early departure, etc. Occurrence Tracking rates employee’s verses company standards as well as other employees. Occurrence Tracking provides a single comprehensive view into the many types of employee abuse of corporate attendance policies. This occurrence management software gives you complete visibility into habitual punctuality trends and patterns.

Access Control

Access control solutions from Exeqtime manages employee admittance into controlled areas, preventing unauthorized admittance of non-employees. The access control software lets managers control who will be allowed to use designated entryways, and when. Access Control provides greater control of employee movements by restricting entrance outside work schedules. In addition, a facility's doors can be scheduled to lock and unlock at designated times, so all personnel can pass at will. The access control software generates a variety of reports, so managers can see which personnel have accessed specific entryways, and trace the movement of guards touring the facility.

Workforce Scheduling

Workforce scheduling software allows you to replace outdated scheduling processes with the latest advancements in workforce deployment. Our workforce scheduling is the most advanced suite of industry-focused scheduling solutions to forecast, schedule, and optimize labor deployment. Our scheduling software provides complete visibility into your available resources, which means you can make optimal use of your organization's entire workforce. 

Save huge on Rebuilt Equipment! Guaranteed!

The new S900, Finger Biometric comes standard with Ethernet and direct connectivity. An incomparable pair with CLOUD web based time and attendance software.

The new S300, Proximity comes standard with Ethernet and direct connectivity. An incomparable pair with CLOUD web based time and attendance software.

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